Grettell Valdez X Laura Cantu - LAURA CANTU JEWELRY US
Grettell Valdez X Laura Cantu - LAURA CANTU JEWELRY US
Grettell Valdez X Laura Cantu - LAURA CANTU JEWELRY US

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Grettell Valdez X Laura Cantu

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When two women unite, magic is made. As they are ruled by the moon; inspiration, authenticity and magic combine to create something special.

As such, us women go through diferent phases, sometimes with more light and sometimes with less, but we always end up
complete, shining bright and illuminating any darkness.

This is not an accessory, it's more of an amulet to inspire the strong, capable and valuable woman inside.

Please note everybody’s bone structure is different, therefore certain lengths might not look the same on everyone. If you have any questions about the product email

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